Laser cleaning at your premises, on or off the press

Epic Laser Clean understands the demands of the printing industry. Printing presses run 24/7 so cleaning your anilox rolls requires good planning and communication. With our service trucks, we clean your anilox rolls at your premises, on or off the printing press depending on your needs and specific situation. With our proprietary & superior laser process, you can use your anilox rolls immediately after cleaning.

Because of the strong and adjustable fiber laser power, we are able to clean quickly and with great efficiency. The many safety features of the laser are unique to our proprietary system and ensure that not only is your anilox roller safe, so is our technician. Quick, safe and efficient!

Your needs are our #1 priority. Long working days or weekends are part of the job; we try to minimize your machine downtime. Last-minute orders are executed with the same attention to detail as advance reservations. Contact us today and let’s get started!


epic laser clean at your doorstep

Every anilox roll needs a periodic deep cleaning. Many printers are used to daily cleaning with chemicals, however over time, the cells of the anilox roll become plugged with ink and polymer residues. Before printing results deteriorate to unacceptable levels, a deep cleaning from Epic Laser Clean will restore the performance of the anilox roll, saving thousands of dollars on refurbishing or replacing the rolls, and extending the life of your investment.

Epic Laser Clean is committed to customer convenience. We operate service trucks that can safely clean anilox rolls both on or off the press, and are we are equipped to clean all types and sizes of anilox rolls and sleeves.

Depending on the time and effort for removing and installing anilox rolls, every customer can choose the options that fit their own situation the best. Large corrugated printing presses benefit the most from our ability to clean the anilox rolls on press, saving valuable time.

at your own convenience

With our proprietary and superior laser cleaning technology, we can safely clean ceramic and chrome anilox rolls and sleeves of most any size, removing all types of residues including:

  • Water-based flexo inks
  • Solvent-based flexo inks
  • UV-flexo inks
  • All types of primers and varnishes
  • Glues
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