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laser cleaning tops all other cleaning methods

Laser cleaning is the only method that doesn’t require any consumables such as water, chemicals or granulates. It is clean, efficient and environmentally friendly. Besides supporting the highest printing quality, laser cleaning is the only cleaning method that removes all polymers, residues and glues from the cells of the roll. Our laser cleaning technology is unsurpassed in safety, quality and performance.

Many printers will unfortunately resort to refurbishing their anilox rolls when the cell volume diminishes significantly. This comes at a high cost, but it is avoidable with laser cleaning. After laser cleaning, the cell volume is fully restored, along with the surface tension, and the roller prints like new again. Epic Laser Clean will safely bring your anilox rolls back to life at a fraction of the cost!

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As an innovative manufacturer, Zecher produces engraved anilox rollers and sleeves for your individual print application. Since long Zecher works intensively with all well-known machine manufacturers and end-users from the fields of flexible packaging, label printing, offset printing, coating, and corrugated cardboard printing and are therefore well established in the industry.

When it comes to obtaining optimum printing results, anilox rollers need to be adapted to your individual circumstances, as this is the only way to get the best out of your printing process while at the same time reducing your costs. It is for this reason that Zecher offers a wide range of anilox roller solutions that are customized in order to meet your requirements.

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Epic Laser Clean Founder

Andy Southwick is Epic Laser Clean’s founder and owner. His background of supervising manufacturing facilities for over a decade, including corrugated converting operations, has uniquely qualified him for the task of leading Epic Laser Clean. After discovering LaserClean’s proprietary and superior laser cleaning technology, the partnership was born. Andy is passionately committed to providing his loyal customers with consistent, predictable and repeatable printing results.


LaserClean Founder

Martin de Wit is LaserClean’s founder and owner. His amazing knowledge and field experience in laser cleaning, combined with worldwide acceptance of laser cleaning as prefered cleaning method for ceramic rollers, has resulted in rapid company growth in the last years. His passion and ambition drives Martin to work for a future in which printing companies, supported by his machines, are enabled to clean their rollers ever faster, better and cheaper.

epic partnerships

The LaserClean technology is the foundation of our success at Epic Laser Clean. For over 25 years, LaserClean has been developing and manufacturing the world’s leading anilox laser cleaning systems. They have pioneered the process of laser cleaning anilox rolls as a mobile service at the customer’s location, and the ability to clean the anilox rolls in place without even removing it from the press. They are the undisputed leaders in anilox laser cleaning, and our exclusive service agreement with them places Epic Laser Clean at the forefront of the anilox cleaning industry.

1% for the Planet is a platform of credibility and engagement for environmentally conscious brands that are truly committed to making a positive impact with their business. This growing global movement of over 3,000 member companies in 45 countries donate one percent of annual sales to environmental organizations worldwide. Epic Laser Clean is a proud member of 1% for the Planet and happy to contribute to non-profit environmental organizations that are making a difference every day.

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