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Safely cleaned for high-quality printing.

Epic Advantages

Epic Laser Clean is the first and only service partner of LaserClean in the United States, using the same innovative system which has made them the #1 mobile anilox laser cleaning service in the world.

We specialize in laser cleaning anilox rolls safely, in fact it’s all we do and we guarantee your complete satisfaction.

Press operators have enough to do without the stress of deep cleaning their anilox rolls. Our laser cleaning technology is safe, efficient, and eco-friendly. Let us put your anilox cleaning maintenance into auto-pilot so that you can keep your presses running. Your customers will thank you for it.

Consistency of Quality

Repeatability of Quality

Increase Productivity

Decrease Downtime

eco-friendly & sustainable

Mobile Anilox Laser Cleaning

LaserClean has international service agents in more than 15 countries, and is now in the US for the first time! Over 27 years of innovation, expertise and passion; here to support the highest quality in your printing processes.

Quality Delivered Safe & Fast

Cell volume loss due to poor cleaning is all too common. We will quickly and safely restore the full volume of your ink plugged anilox cells with our innovative mobile laser cleaning system and bring it straight to your doorstep!

Anilox Safety

Your anilox rollers are not only in good hands with Epic Laser Clean, they are in the best hands. No other cleaning system, laser or otherwise, has the built-in safety protections that are standard in the LaserClean systems.

No water, no chemicals, no waste

We help to sustain business practices that create a better world for generations to come by cleaning with eco-friendly technology that eliminates both chemical usage and waste creation.

Epic solutions

Process is safe, quick and effective

Anilox rollers get clogged with ink, residues and polymers, reducing cell volume and surface tension. Epic Laser Clean provides the sustainable solution, increasing productivity and decreasing machine downtime. As our valued customer, you will be able to rely on consistent, repeatable quality from your anilox rolls.

  • Our laser cleaning process is safe, quick and unmatched in its cleaning effectiveness.
  • We make life easy on our customers because we bring the service to them with our mobile cleaning system.
  • The life and performance of an anilox roll is maintained at its peak by committing to a frequent and consistent cleaning program.
  • Cleaning with eco-friendly technology that eliminates both chemical usage and waste creation.

Epic services

Epic Laser Clean’s proprietary laser equipment is perfectly equipped to safely clean every type of anilox roll either on or off the press, and our mobile cleaning system delivers it straight to the customer.

We serve the printing and packaging industry including corrugated, flexo, label, offset, gravure, coating and laminating.

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